Oven Repair Service in Bakersfield

Trust Your Oven to Our Experienced Technicians

Ovens bring warmth and hot food into our owns, and having your oven break can be a chilling experience. Whether your oven is not cooking correctly or is completely inoperable, you can count on us to get your oven back up and running properly. Our technicians are equipped to handle all common cooking appliance issues. Problems we encounter on a daily basis include heating issues and self-clean problems.

Experiencing these problems?

  • Oven won’t heat?
  • Oven won’t turn on?
  • Oven door broken?
  • Oven self-clean problems?
  • Oven Doesn't Bake Evenly?
  • Oven Broiler Problem
  • Oven Temperature Problem
  • Oven Won't Turn Off
  • Oven Light is Out
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  • Common washing machine repairs

    • Igniter replacement
    • Heating element replacement
    • Thermal fuse replacement
    • Control board replacement
    • Thermostat replacement
    • Oven calibration
  • Quick Tip:

    • Run the Self-Cleaning cycle on a regular basis. This will help the oven stay cleaner longer. Keep the foil from contacting the Bake Elements, Igniters or anything else electrical.
    • clean the interior of your oven three to four times per year. Spills and drips should be removed as soon as possible, as they will smoke and may eventually catch on fire.

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